Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Faves:-)

#1 is kind of a bit psycho actually. I got the BIGGEST thrill last night 'snipering' ebay auctions LOL. It started when I saw something I liked, at a GREAT price. So I bid. And then lost with 3 seconds to go.
I got cranky.
And decided that I HAD to win. The universe required me to cut in front of someone else right at the last minute. Oh my gosh. I had so much fun! Of course, I also ended up with some 'stuff' that I really didn't need.
But I will enjoy it all the more cause I WON!!!!! LOL
#2 Love all of the little school 'things' we went to this week. loved seeing what the girls have done, and how they enjoyed what they are doing. heh. Still makes me smile to think that this is half the primary school:-)

#3 I am LOVING real books. Now I was SUPER excited to be able to read books #2 and 3 via e book (thanks Danny), but really nothingbeats holding a really truly book. And new there anything more decadent??

#4 I am loving Collage Press scrapping gear at the moment. I am a little in love with the Grayson line..and got my hands on some gorgeous Collage Press stamps this week!!! I dunno...there is something about the colours and those gorgeous designs that are just begging to be cut out and layered with some foam pop dots...or it could just be me;-)

#5 Kev
Good old Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
Now i am not suddenly going all political on you. Seriously. I am so NOT political.
But how can a man who gives me $1000 per child not be my favourite this week??? This man is funding my christmas!!!
(this is not saying that I agree with the stimulus package or how it was decided who got what, I am just saying that my family and i are enjoying having a little bit extra this christmas!)

Thanks kev!
So, what are your faves this week???


jacqui jones said...

ooer kev is a fav here this week too
but im sorry for kev because we didnt spend the money in the way he wanted..:)

Phrog said...

Now as a family that falls into the category of not qualifying for Jack, we want to know where`s our cut?? Kev isn`t big in this household.

pink4u said...

Oh are too funny with the Ebay story. I know just how you feel. I too, have lost many auctions down to the last 3 seconds.
Anyone that gives me money is an automatic fave...!!I am so happy for you!
You know the game at the bottom of your Blog? Well, I played it for over an hour yesterday! I LOVE that game...its almost like therapy!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Chloe said...

I can totally relate with the ebay story!!! You should have heard me whooping when I won my first auction!!!

I love Kev too!

Wendy Smith said...

you crack me up ....I can so relate to the ebay story and the KEV loving...LOL