Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So the smart idea...

About cutting an extra skirt for Charli???


Not so smart actually.

Apparently there is NO WAY that they will be seen in public wearing matching clothes. Someone might like, guess they are related!!!!!

So now they all have a christmas outfit. And yes, Charlotte's is different to Natalie's.

Next time, i shall not try and be so darn smart.


Chloe said...

Have they ever stopped to realise that they look near identical?! Skirts or not?! LOL! Girls hey?!

Phrog said...

Sorry but i`m with Charlotte, I wouldn`t wear the same skirt as you either. But then I do have better legs for a skirt so no biggie. Guess siblings never change.

Lauren said...

And the fact that they look so much alike doesn't give away that they are related??!!

Fair call though. Mum used to dress my sister and i in matching outfits and we hated it!

Aren't you a good mummy for making them all xmas outfits.