Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Christmassey type stuff...

Been trying to make myself feel festive...the kids make it fairly difficult to be 'Grinchy' LOL

These are SO cute...not my original idea,(got this one off Mel Goodesells blog...some amazing ideas here!) made for Sammy to take to the Family Day Care Christmas party yesterday.
Using Royale biscuits, dipped in white chocolate and topped off with a Jaffa and a Spearmint leaf lolly. They look MUCH more impressive than they should for such an easy (I was going to say recipe, but its not even cooking, more like assembling LOL) 'thing' (yeah, 'thing' works here) And I have been wanting to make a cup cake for forever. I know. They are SO 6 months ago. But I couldn't bring myself to make one without a reason. And, well, Christmas decorations are ALL about pretties with no real purpose!
I got the idea for the 'button berries' from Linda Albrecht's blog.

Ribbon from my D2U DT kit. Love this ribbon!

And kindy glitz...LOTS of kindy glitz.

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foxylady said...

now I would be way too scared to eat that cup cake. But my it looks tastey!!!!!

lyn said...

wow these look great hun, i cant beleive how easy the pudding impersionations are super cute. take care hun
belynda xo

Lauren said...

My, my aren't we creative! I can feel a nomination for 'Mother of the Year' coming on!! LOL.

Seriously though, very cute and what patience you must have!

Marisa said...

Oh I just love the puddings and the cupcake, what a creative mum you are!

Wendy Smith said...

wow..that is the cupcake..totally yummy

kel said...

Wow.. you are crafty, lady!! I'm jealous!

jacqui jones said...

very clever
i esp like the biscuits
how easy is that

Chloe said...

I am SO making the lil pudding 'things' with Tilly! We make something each year to leave out for Santa - we've done White Christmas Crackles, then Gingerbread Men... and now these EASY PEASY beauties! Thanks for the idea Kirst!

P.S. I hope the catalogue I sent reached you safely.


Anonymous said...

oh yum Kirsty, I am so making some of those little puddings! (crikey the list of baking gets longer, lol)

Susan Longman said...

they look ultra yummy...clever girl you!!!