Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Crap Day!

Nooooo, not a crap day THE crap day!

You know...when everyone piles out all their crap (crap they are too cheap and busy to take to the dump - our dump now charges us $15 for the honour) and the council come get it...

(heh, taken out my scrap booking room window. I love that I can see the whole main street out of my window! Mick thinks I am a spy...or a creepy old stalker lady)

That is, if other people don't get to it first!

Yesterday, I noticed about 5 cars driving around with trailers (serious crap collectors obviously)

We even had a polite crap collector.

About 7 o clock last night, we heard a knock at our door. Someone was asking permission to take our crap!

This morning our pile was about half of what it was last night.

Is it wrong that I am proud that someone wanted our crap???


We Pipers have good crap (apparently!)

And now, crap day is over...all the crap is either in a new home or the dump. Either way I am happy, cause it is no longer in my house/shed/ under the house.


danndel said...

Crap days are good, our council comes and takes our crap on demand, its great!! Except when the neighbours move out and leave their crap on the curb and don't ring the council, very annoying!!

Laura said...

*LOL* I had a good laugh at this as last time when we had this day, all of our crap got taken. We couldn't believe it!!! We even put out there our cat poopie bin (a steel pedal bin) which must have smelled shocking inside and was even rusty. But someone took it. What the ..???

Lauren said...

We were in town yesterday and saw all the crap! And we saw the people sifting through other peoples crap. Wish someone would come and take my crap!

Kerryn said...

At least you had some polite people! When we had our hard waste collection people just came and grabbed what they wanted. My friend had someone take an old sofa they had out the front and they strapped it to the roof of their car and off they went. LOL the lengths some people will go to to get something for nothing!