Saturday, December 6, 2008


So Charlotte lost her first tooth last night (thank God - it was seriously starting to gross me out) And that damn tooth fairy must have been as tired as I was last night(in bed at 8 o clock), cause she forgot to come! DOH! Luckily, she must have heard Charlotte's disappointed wails, and fly in quicly and quietly this morning...*phew* crisis over. We then went to Bundaberg for a spot of Christmas shopping....Now this is no quick trip. A trip to Bundaberg and real live shops involves 2 1/2 hours of driving each way. So to make the trip a little easier I bought along the DVD player...I am going to be SO sad to say goodbye to this nifty piece of equipment. I am thinking that Uncle Danny will be wanting this back at christmas time. After all, eighteen months is a long 'loan' in anyones language!

I bought the kids this new DVD
And then I fell asleep for the entire trip home. Sorry Mick, not much of a wing man really, I know. but thats how good the car DVD player is. No fighting, no "I'm Hungry" nothing, just silence.

So what prompted this trip???
Well, I have been hearing all week about how people are nearly 'done' with their shopping. And I started to panic, cause I hadn't even 'started'.
But now I have.
And I will not be telling what is in those bags! ( mainly because I have no idea...I lay-byed these in June and have no memory of what I thought was necessary at the time)
So, back to my scrap room...its as hot as heck in there. I am SO putting and air con on my Santa wish list this year!


jacqui jones said...

i havent done a thing
we love the dvd player...get one!

Chloe said...

I hate the sound of that hot weather and long car trips! Yuk!!! But I must admit, a DVD player for the car is a must... a massive sanity saver! We have one for our two year old. I do get sick of hearing the Wiggles about 5 mins into the trip but it's better than whinging!!!

My christmas shopping isn't done so don't feel too bad! You're doing better than me!

Chloe said...

P.S. Yay Charlotte!

Kristen said...

Your story about Charlotte reminds me of my daughter's first trip to the dentist. Rock Hill was the place where we lived back then. The dentist has been telling her stories about the tooth fairy and all those tales about teeth. A few months later, we moved and decided to find a new dentist (Tega Cay area) who has a nearby clinic. Good thing the dentists there are as good and friendly as the ones back at Rock Hill.