Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Carols:-)

The girls had their school carols concert tonight, and I know that there are some interested Grandparents and one interested Daddy out there who would like to see some pics...everyone else, apologies ;-)

Before we left.... Not entirely sure what the pose here was, Sheesh, Nat looks downright smouldery!
And Charli
And Nat (note that they are wearing different outfits to each other and thus look COMPLETELY unrelated to each other)
The stage, Nat was particularly proud because she helped her teacher with the decorations. So much owrk has gone on behind the scenes to get this night going. Makes me kind of glad NOT to be a teacher at the moment LOL It all comes back in a blinding flash on nights like this!

And Charli working it on stage! (again with the foam headed children..sorry, haven't asked permission, so I have blacked them out)

She spilled her drink on the hat, so we are commited to making hats together this weekend. Yes, just what I wanted to spend my weekend doing...

And Natalie playing the comb...yeah, you didn't know there was this much talent in the one family did you now?!?!

Mick was supposed to be home to be with us for this, but some ^&%^&*%^&%*&% thought it would be a super fun terrific idea to light a fire. And then not watch it whilst it merrily burned its way through the forest. Yep, good times.
There were a few fathers there tonight though who are considering lighting fires next year to avoid sitting through the carols...Someone did suggest that Micks fire may actually be a red headed woman.....
I need a shower...that drink Charlotte spilled on her hat? Also got my arms and legs, and its in my shoes. Ah yes, feeling the joy of the season!


Kerryn said...

awww that's just too cute!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

omg how cute are they :D

pink4u said...

Awe...I miss those times!!! Your little ones are so cute!!!! I LOVE your Holiday Blog!! and your new Banner!! Priceless!!

Have a great day!
Joanie :)

Lauren said...

How cute are they? You should be one very proud mummy! LOL at the Dad's comments about the fires - where's their xmas spirit!

Glad you had a good night. We have the Monogorilby xmas party on Sat night. Woot!!

Chloe said...

Have fun de-stickying your shoes Kirst!

foxylady said...

O My gosh they are just so cute...I wish I could have been there. So looking forward to seeing you all...and yes I can understand about the Dads...good times...hope Mick will be home today

Marisa said...

Love the outfits, don't they look great and the kids look adorable!

Dena said...

Hey girl! I haven't seen you in forever! Your kids look simply ADORABLE in their Christmaswear :)

ANd how awesome that you know how to sew. I am trying to get brave enough to attempt some kind of sewing project. I have been stalking anna maria horner like a madwoman. that chick has incredible skills!

Hope all is well. Come stop by and say hi, I miss ya!

N, Kelly, D, E and Zoe said...

Your children are so adorable. Love the hat and the comb instrument. I can't wait until mine is that age.

Love the holiday layout on the blog.

Have a great holiday.