Sunday, May 4, 2008

The explorers return home....

Mick took the kids out to Auburn River national Park this morning for some bushwalking, so that I could make a start on my next assignment. Naturally they also had to take a picnic, as I am sure I have mentioned before that my little pumpkins can't walk for more than a few seconds without needing a 'cup of tea and a lie down'.

So they have returned. Tired, cranky and STARVING!!!!!!!! But, they really had a wonderful time. I think Mick even enjoyed himself, although he gets quite a work out having to carry the youngest explorer up from the bottom of the gorge.

And I got a good start on my assignment...well, as good as its going to get today I think! I now am in the midst of creating a web page for use in the classroom. Sam and I selected the topic Dinosaurs. I think I need reminding that this will all be worth it in the end. I feel kinda dis -heartened today, I feel like chucking it all in and getting a second job (to buy that new microwave amongst other things!). Ah well, I am sure that this too shall pass.

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