Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fruit season is now in full force!

Heh, my little fruit bat:-)
Our pantry is stocked full of mandarins. The kids probably eat 4 a day, I usually stop them after 4! They are VERY regular, and by the time they stop picking mandarins in town, they are VERY sick of them. Living in a citrus town is kinda interesting. I didn't realise that there were more than one type of mandarin. The only kind that my kids will eat are the Imperials, which is what is being picked at the moment. After that, the kids start to hang out for January!
All of the pickers have been arriving in full force. They kinda arrive all year, because there is always something in need of being picked or thinned or pruned, but mandarins and oranges are big. We probably get 3 or 4 pickers a day coming into the bank to open new accounts. Interestingly, most of the people who travel here to pick are Korean. I don't know how they find out about a tiny place in QLD called Mundubbera, but every year they arrive.
Mick got a call out at 7 this morning (luckily he had just finished making the kids porridge in the saucepan - they would have had weetbix if mummy had of been in charge of the breakfast shift today!LOL) for firies. Four Korean fruit pickers had rolled their car into a ditch. Two helicopters had to be called to fly them out to various hospitals as their injuries were all too serious to be treated locally. Mick reckons they will be okay...lots of bad broken bones, but okay.
So, that was our excitement for the day. Sam and I are baking a yummy chocolate cake and making some surprise Mother's Day presents for some lucky Nana's and Ginny's - he mentioned his 'dood idea' at bed time last night, so they may be late:-) The girls have Guides this afternoon, which they are very much looking forward to!
On the appliance front, our TV is now sick...yep, bought at the same time as the fridge. Hopefully an electronics company will get wind of our sad appliance situation and offer to sponsor us!!! LOL
Love you all, be good!
P.S. Sorry for the ranty post yesterday....I just love being at home with my boy:-)

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jacqui jones said...

lol too funny
we lost our tv just before we moved bought in mitchell at the same time as u guys LOL