Friday, May 9, 2008

Five Fabulous Favourites for Friday!

After reading through my blog posts and stopping to listen to myself occasionally (only very occasionally mind you!!) I have decided that I whine....a lot. So Fridays are officially going to be my happy day. The day where I am going to start looking around and sharing some of the things that make me happy.

I decided this week to kinda start with my house. It has brought Mick and I some major heart ache since buying it and discovering that it was full of dangerous damaged asbestos, but I actually love it. Mick has poured so much of himself into making this our home, that i can't help but love it.

I love what will be our entry way (we have yet to knock out the walls of the front verandah where it has been built in) ...Mum and dad gave me Grandmas old hall thingy, and it looks perfect there. I want to get a plant to go on top of it, but am not sure of something that would like such a dark spot, for today, it has the lettuce plant in a pot that Sammy made for me at day care for Mother's day....AAAAAAAW:-)
I love what will eventually be our front door. When we bought this house, this door was painted white (and blue and black and green and white and beige ) Mick stripped all those layers of paint off and then polished the fittings to discover the original brass under neath. It was such hard work (I was originally going to do this, but the first time i spilled paint stripper on my arm I got sooky and left it to the experts! LOL)

I love the cards my babies gave me for mothers day. I love that they are very concerned about not being here for mother's day. I also love the little arch thingy they are sitting on...but I will show that off another day!

I love my husband. He is my favourite husband (as I so often tell him) he rocks. How many other husbands would take three children away for a long weekend allowing their wife to catch up on studying???

I love this light. I had budgeted a very small amount of money to buy 6 lights. I managed to buy 5 lights for less than $100, then spent the rest of the budget on this leadlight chandelier thingy. I love it, and I love the high ceilings in the house.

So, thats my five fab faves for Friday! I have so many more, and I can't wait to share more with you...but that will have to wait for next Friday, cause looking at these favourites is making me giddy already:-)

Love you all!

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jacqui jones said...

oh u dont winge lol
and i cant believe the job michael did on that door it looks fantastic!!!!!!!