Sunday, May 25, 2008

Woke up with a headache...

Which is not a good start...

Remembered about 5 minutes ago that I didn't have any caffeine yesterday...*doh* I am currently mainlining Diet Coke, and hope to be pain free soon LOL I sooooo wish I could stop drinking this stuff, its just too painful ;-/ (for the whole family, not just me!!)

I just got back from taking Charlotte to ANOTHER birthday party. These kids have a MUCH more active social life than I do! The good thing is though that its always a good opportunity to catch up with all the other mummy's. The kids friends have the lovliest mums, I am so blessed to have met these women. They make living in this little town so much more bearable.
Thought I would also share a snap of the view of the town's main street. This was taken during the week, and you can see just how busy it is...NOT! This was taken standing at our front gate.
There are some things that I love dearly about living in the country...the peace and quiet and the 'community spirit' (not quite the phrase I am searching for, but it will have to do) are the biggest things. I love that living here enables me to stay at home with the kids. I like that my kids will grow up in a small town. I like that I know all of their friends and their friends family's.
I hate that what you can see in that photo is the available shops LOL. Admittedly, I now do a LOT of shopping on line. Its just frustrating at times, like this morning being disorganised I had to spend $20 to get a little present for Charlotte's friend. I can't just 'duck to the shops' and grab a few little gifts.
I hate that i live so far from my family, and that because I am not working we can never afford to go and visit them. And with petrol prices climbing as they are, I will probably only get to go see them for special occasions like Christmas:-(
Anyways...I don't know where this post is headed...just rambling I guess. Some days I need to remind myself about the good things involved with living in this town, because some days i just want to move!!!

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jacqui jones said...

oh im righ tthere with u!
thankgod for online shopping!