Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mummy's day!

To the most amazing woman I know:-)

My mum is one of my best friends, my inspiration and my mum. I hope you have a great day Mumsy, wish I could be there with you!

And any other mummy's stopping by, have a great day...enjoy your cold toast and tea in bed!

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foxylady said...

WOW what an honour to feature on your blog. I feel truly honoured and flattered.. We had a very grand lunch today. Kim and Bethy took Al and me and AJ and Clarey AND Sarah out for lunch at 55 dollars ahead it was sa bit of a shock. I had asked Helly and Gazz to join us thinking it was just the mormal menu..BUT NO heck no. It was flash. Helly and Gazz left to have fish n chips as there was really nothing Helly could eat. All to fancy..It was great.
I came up trumps with a new dressing gown, key ring and some new wine glasses not to mention a phone call from 1 daughter who is having the time of her life.. PLUS Clare gave me the big pink tupperware bottle I have been all in all its been greta