Monday, May 5, 2008

Hey there Jacqui Jones!

Just wanted to say 'hi'! I am excited to have another reader:-)

Sorry 'bout the fridges...I think we may have bought ours around the same time in Mitchell...and if that was the case, they are probably the same (knowing how extensive the range was out there LOL). They may be on the way out together now:-( Ahhhh comrades in arms!

Good to catch up with you again...and if I remember my stupid password, I'll try and comment in the actual comments section!


jacqui jones said...

lol probably could be now i think about it
i have been looking at them and then i walk away....i just paid the ge off i dont want to start again...but alis it seems to be what happens!!!

jacqui jones said...

guess what i did today... :)
i woke up this morning looked at my fridge and i gave in ...i was sick of the broken crisper and the bottom shelf of the fridge filled with t hings that used to live in the door before the shelf died after we moved
so tomorrow im the proud new owner of a f & p upside down fridge...i cant wait! its just a normal boring fridge, white and special because its all perfect and not broken!