Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let the cupcakes...oops, celebrations, begin!

I have just finished icing and decorating the cupcakes for Charlotte's class for tomorrow. As she is only allowed 6 girls at her beading party, I thought she should be able to celebrate with all of her friends. So here they are, very basic, but the kids assure me, they are very yummy! I just realised that between this, her actual birthday AND the party she will be getting three cakes! Sheesh!!!!! Ginny, your present for Charli arrived to day...she wanted to open it ASAP, but it has been hidden away from prying eyes and fingers and will be given to her on Sunday. Thank you, I am sure she will love it:-)

Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister Clare bear for tomorrow too! Seems that we are getting closer and closer in age now seeing as how I stopped adding years at 28!!!! LOL

Love you lots...hmmm, I don't even know if you read least this will be actual proof that I thought of you:-D


simplymy dreams said...

Is she able to open it Saturday for her birthday???? Kirsty your blogging is way beyongd me. I just don't get the time to read it so I will have to just read it when I can..maake a coffee and just love it. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into it.Pleased Sammy bounced back hope u did too..

kirstypiper said...

LOL oops, Saturday!