Monday, May 5, 2008

Please God no...

Now the fridge sounds like it is slowly and painfully dying.

Ah man, I guess this is what happens when you buy all your appliances at the same time, they all die at the same time!

I said yesterday that the microwave was my favourite appliance, maybe the fridge got jealous. It shouldn't though, because as a whole, I think the entire family loves the fridge the most (sssh, don't tell the toaster or the kettle...), after all, its where all the good yummy stuff comes from.

I am off to sit by the fridge and post a candle light vigil to show my appreciation, hopefully prolonging its life only needs to hold on for another 2 years until I get a really truly job!!!

1 comment:

jacqui jones said...

light a candle for mine while your there
its nearly 10 years old and DIEING too