Tuesday, May 13, 2008

These can really only mean one of two things...

And neither of them are any good...
I know If I see a mattress outside in the sun I immediately feel sad for the mummy. It means someone has wet, or puked...

And last night it was Sammy.

He woke us crying out "I need a bucket" at 5.30am (big day, its his first time EVER requesting a bucket, usually the carpet is just fine thankyouverymuch!!). I then was awake for the day worrying cause if Sam vomits, its a big deal, usually involving the hospital due to his MCAD.

I went to make his bed about an hour later and the poor little kid had vommited all through that too, and I hadn't even known:-( I am feeling like the worst mummy in the universe. He must have puked there and then come in to sleep on the matress on our floor (our attempt at keeping him out of our bed)

So far so good though. He has kept down his breakfast and his medication, so no hospital trips just yet. As long as I can keep food in him we should be good.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glen 20 spray disinfectant. It is my favourite. And the new smell is sooo much nicer than the old smell. The new smell doesn't remind me of puke - yet!

Love you all, have a great day:-)


jacqui jones said...

poor sammy... :(
tell me more about sams condition i dont think i knew about it

kirstypiper said...

It came back through his new born heel prick test.
It is a metabolic disorder that is really only a problem for him if he doesn't eat or vomits. This usually means we have to take him to the hospital to be hooked up to a glucose drip (and one time a scary flying doctor trip!)
Basically, his body doesn't convert stored fat into energy, so when his food digests, the energy is gone leaving nothing to power his brain. Which is why regular food is important.
A severe attack can lead to permanent brain damage or death.
He is on medication and sees his specialist every now and then for a review.
Here's a link if you want to know more. http://www.fodsupport.org/mcad.htm

I don't really understand exactly what's going on, I just give him his meds and keep an eye on him!
A lot of the doctors we have to take him to when he gets into trouble don't know a lot about it either, which is scary!! They look at us like we are the experts:-O

katred said...

Poor Sammy I hope he is better now. I too love the smell of Glen 20 :)