Thursday, May 29, 2008

Five Fabulous faves for .... ummmm... Thursday!?!

Okay, once again, a day early. I want to change, but Thursday just doesn't alliterate like Friday...I may have to rethink LOL

Its actually raining in Mundubbera, *gasp* this weeks top fave is very 'earthly' LOL. I *heart* my tumble drier this week. Now as much as I love line dried washing, I love the sensation of having a day 'off' from the laundry, and throwing it all in the drier feels like that! Ooooh my slow cooker and I are falling in love all over again:-) I haven't used it for MONTHS, and suddenly I am using it every second day! Tonight is beef and mushrooms in red wine, and then I am going to attempt slow cooker pancake for the morning for breakfast. It is the nicest feeling to arrive home from work and for the house to smell divine...and dinner is done!
I have been wearing my black pearls this week. They just feel so very nice and look so very pretty. I always thought I wanted regular 'white' pearls, but these black ones are fabulous!
Ooooooh, op shop find!!!! I wandered in to the local op shop and picked up the Anne Of Green Gables trilogy for $5. I am LOVING reading it!!! I had forgotten how much I loved this book and the movie! Its such an easy happy book to read. If I ever am blessed with another baby boy, its totally going to be named Gilbert!!! LOL

Having suffered my first horrible migraine head ache this week, I feel it only fair to mention my new secret love LOL. I was in agony, even thinking of taking myself to hospital (and I don't think I am a wuss when it comes to pain...I have had three natural labours!!! Two of those induced) when I remembered these. Oh My Stars. I had two and the rest of the day is a mystery. I slept and slept and when I woke up I could deal with the dull thud. So thats it for this week. As I suck at posting on Friday, I may just have to switch days for next be on the look out;-)

Love you, thanks for stopping by:-).
Have a safe weekend Mum and Dad, can't wait to hear all about it!

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Katred said...

Love your friday 5. Dont care what day you do it on either I look forward to it :)