Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sam gets creative.

I was making some cards today, and Sam (as usual) was right beside me. The cards involved a bit of beading. Sam decided that he reeeeeeeeeeeally needed to make a necklace.

I was using teeny tiny little beads threaded onto a pice of invisible thread. I thought that they might be just a little hard for my boy, so I chopped up an old necklace, found some big buttons, and let him go to town! He had a great time, and we made two necklaces:-)

Typing this up now, I am thinking of all the people who are constantly telling me that Sam needs the extra stimulation that going to kindy would provide. I really disagree. I find it hard to bite my tongue and just say nothing when people constantly ask me when he will be going to kindy. If I had sent him this year he would have had to spend two years at kindy.

Sam and I probably go out for cuppas and park picnics with kids his age about twice a week. He sees other kids every single day. He plays with his sisters. He goes to day care with other kids his age twice a week. Most days we do craft activities and I am constantly reading to him and talking with him. His spoken language skills are brilliant (a little too brilliant at times!) We cook, we count, we play, he is learning to use the computer. What else does kindy provide???

I am absolutely cherishing this time at home with just one child. I barely got to enjoy spending time alone with Natalie, by the time I had managed to drag myself out of the depths of PND, Charlotte had arrived. I never got to spend time alone with Charlotte before Sam arrived. I have to say that being at home with Sam is like a holiday! I love it. Our days have a lazy sort of routine to them. After we drop the girls at school we hang out at home. We might do some shopping, we hang out some washing we play some games...its bliss!

I guess now that I have vented, I will be able once again to just smile and say "I don't know" when people ask about my last little chick leaving the nest *sniff*. For now, I am enjoying having fun with my right hand man...now, I am off to make some play doh ;-)

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jacqui jones said...

im with u
isnt the point of being a stay at home mum to actually do these things with your kids?? i know im like u...its why im home
at nearly 5 we send lilly to preschool but more to get her ready for school and the whole being in a classroom thing, but my little one is more than happy to stay at home with me and i love being just with her too while lilly is at preschool
i am keeping emilys age to myself currently cause our 3 yr old group for kindy is very low on numbers and they keep telling me as soon as she is 3 u can bring her...but i dont really want too 5 days a week of just me and her will be very different to our days now and i think her chance to have me on her own.
keep doing what your doing, sam loooks like such a great kid... :)