Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Charli...AGAIN!

So today was the big party:-)

The cake was a bit of a disaster...but there was no time to make another one LOL
The girls (and mummy's) did lots of beading...who knew that tying beading elastic was such a challenge!?! I am definitely NOT cut out to be a beader...I lack both patience AND the creativity. I think I'll stick to scrap booking!

She got so many lovely presents from her friends, and had an absolute blast. We have been home for 1/2 an hour, and she is wearing ALL the jewellery she got, has her toenails AND finger nails painted and is wearing a new outfit. I just wish I knew which of her friends gave her which present:-/
Hope you like the pics mum. She had a wonderful time... and everyone got a prize in the pass the parcel, I eventually thought of enough clues!


jacqui jones said...

cake looks excellent
too clever

foxylady said...

WOW for someone who's cake was a disaster I am VERY impressed..
Looks like Charli had a great day... wish I could have been there..
AND no don't you dare go cold turkey from diet coke..just start cutting down.
Love you all heaps