Monday, May 19, 2008


Today has been a major cleaning spree. My lungs and throat hurt cause I used too much bleach and then forgot to open a window *Ooops*
The house just smells so clean and good:-)

I made a page for a competition at Scraploot. I followed a sketch for the first time ever, and am not entirely sure that I did it right. I'm not really happy with how it turned out either...its VERY pink and girly!! Even for me LOL

I was inspired by Charli's birthday to make a page about her and how much she has grown and changed since she arrived in our little family. She is just so confident and out there, yet also sensitive and loving. She certainly keeps us on our toes!

And one for the grandparents...the kids playing dolls down in the yard yesterday. Both the girls have their Baby Borns, and Sam has good old Baby Jesus. That poor dolly, I don't think dollies are designed for the tough love that this little guy has seen!

Happy Birthday to Amy Jane! Hope your day is fabulous and that you get spoiled spoiled spoiled!!!!!!!


jacqui jones said...

oh your page for scraploot would be great
is it in the off for a look
i cant believe u have completed it already...eeeek
i wrote down the things and drew the sketch that was it lol

kirstypiper said...

No no...I am seriously NOT that organised LOL, this is the Mother's day one. I have been meaning to do it for a while and finally got to it yesterday!
I didn't even draw the sketch..I printed it!I am so nervous, I haven't 'done' sketches before!!