Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trying to 'shake up' the kids breakfasts!

The kids eat Porridge EVERY morning for breakfast, so I have been trying to give them a bit of variety. I keep imagining them as adults refusing to eat porridge because their mother MADE them eat it every morning for breakfast when they where little.

This is SO not true.

Every morning I get up, ask them what they want for breakfast and they ask for porridge.

I swear. Its not me, its them!

So this week I got up at 4am (I did go back to bed...I stumbled out to the kitchen, flicked the switch on the slow cooker then stumbled back to bed) and made this for them

Yum!!!! It was a gentle introduction to some new ways of eating breakfast. It is DELICIOUS!!!! I would eat it for dessert....

I also made pancakes one morning.

The other mornings I let them have their old stand by fave.

Any good ideas out there for some easy breakfasts?????


Anonymous said...

Addendum requested for your Diet Coke qiz, I feel you should have option E, Give up Diet Coke and drink the real thing. Like the crockpot page thanks, Adele will be busy, she doesnt know it yet but she will be, those Apple Dumplings look gooooooood. TeeHeeHee Daniel

Pound said...

i'm laughing cuz i thought you made them something diff in the crock pot... then saw it was the same thing, but w/ apples :P

ethan eats dry cheerios everyday in our bed while watching cartoons, and then i get up later and make him breakfast. um, sometimes it's pancakes, sometimes eggs and toast, or cheese melted on bread, apples and pb, turkey sandwich, pbj... we don't really have normal breakfasts around here.