Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lazy *grunt*

Thats about all I can manage...

I am loving my weekend off. I cleaned the house yesterday...and....*gasp*....its still clean!!!! So far, no uni work done yet, but I am sooooooo relaxed.

I have baked for school lunches next week and I got to lick the bowl...cause its just ME here!

I got to choose the TV channels last night AND hold the remote control.

I washed, and the basket is almost empty still.

I had breakfast at 10am after surfing the net, and didn't make a single bowl of porridge.

I slept with all the lights off last night.

But gosh I miss them. I miss the chaos and the noise and the kisses and the snuggles. I miss someone needing me for something "RIGHT NOW". I miss the funny stories and the baaaad jokes. I miss their smells.

And the cat is driving me nuts. He needs more snuggles than one person can provide.

Hurry home guys, mummy needs you to boss me around!

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