Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just some 'making'...

Ooops, blurry *heh*this is the photo cube thingy that sits under my 'Love' sign that I did a while back.

Not done today, these are projects I kinda finished off this week. Today was work, and boy did I earn my money today! The other lady I usually work woth was working at the show, so it was just the boss and I today, and as there always has to be at least two people in the branch at all times, we were stuck all day. No lunch, no coffee breaks no nothing!

And tomorrow is our local show holiday, so about an hour before closing the entire town realised they wouldn't be able to get any money tomorrow...Oh the horrors!!!!! We still had a full bank on closing time, so I got to work back late! But we balanced...I *heart* when we balance first up!
I am very pleased to see that my polling of my nearest and dearest is going exactly the way I want it to...I totally don't want to be the guide leader, so thank you all! If they ask, I can just say "computer says no"...LOL
I won't bore you with the details of my exciting weekend! The kids are going away with Mick and I am going to attempt to squeeze 5 weeks worth of uni into three days. It will be done!!!
Love you all!


jacqui jones said...

i bet u scrap for some of that
i love the hanging canvas's
they r fantastic
cubes r fun too....i made a heap as xmas gifts

kirstypiper said...

heh, I reckon it will be for more than some LOL Its sooooo quite:-)

Kim Lynch said...

Kirsty your scrapping is divine..I'm so jealous! I don't know how you manage 3 kids, part time job and uni AND still be creative??? My kids would trade me for you in a second if they knew what fun stuff you and your kids get up too!!!

I am living proof that 5 weeks of uni can be donen in 3 days, in fact I can squeeze a semester into one night if need be!!!