Monday, May 12, 2008

They have returned

And apparently they had the BEST time ever with Nana and Papa. I think a fair bit of spoiling went on, I think its nice that they got to enjoy each others company without the dragon mother spoiling all the fun!

They really enjoyed spending time with baby Brianna. Natalie was very excited to report that Brianna isn't a baby...she's a TODDLER! Natalie also thought it was very cute that Brianna fell in love with her baby born doll. I also heard every little detail about how Brianna gets inside Nana's house with a handful of teddy bears:-)

Sam had fun too. He managed to spray everyone with a water gun, including his poor great grandmother. Although she was thrilled that he called her "that girl". I think its been a few years since she was called a girl!
Charlotte enjoyed some early birthday spoiling from Nana, Papa and Aunty Mandy. Nothing like have a birthday that goes on for a few weeks!
So today is going to be spent doing all the washing from the weekend. And play doh (as you can see from the pictures!) We made green at Sam's request...I wanted yellow, but it had to be green. maybe he wanted camouflage for the dinosaurs???
Have a good day everyone...Love you!

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