Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nearly forgot to do this mumsy!

These are Charli's birthday party invitations, and all I can say is thank goodness there are only 7 (yes the numbers are slowly climbing already) girlies invited:-)
My scrap booking room looks like there was an unfortunate fight between drag queens at Mardi Gras with all the feathers, bling and glitter, but I am quite happy with how they turned out, and more importantly the birthday girl loves them sick!!
Each invite has the recipients initial on the front in a glitter monogram. I wanted to stamp "princess" above the initial, but, quite frankly, couldn't be bothered.
I have yet to finish the backs, but really, they only have silly little details about where and when the party is. Sooooo unimportant! I am just going to print out the details on a bit of pretty card and stick it on the back (the last pic shows the unfinished backs)
Michael was giving me the very same looks he gives me when I make all 95 of our christmas cards LOL

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jacqui jones said...

these look very cool, i can see alot of little excited girls when they recieve these