Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Charli!!!

Six Years ago today.... Our family was blessed by a beautiful baby girl:-)
This is Charli's first bath. She was about 5 hours old, and not happy!

(sorry, photo's of pics on the computer of my little girlies!) I love that one of Natalie meeting Charli for the first time. She was still such a baby herself! Bet she didn't realise at the time that her entire world was about to change! (Mick looks SO young! Must have been Sam that aged us;-))

Today, she got heaps of presents, played lots of games, chose what we would eat for dinner (tacoes with lots of sour cream) and ate loads of cake! What a wonderful day!

We hope you had a wonderful day Charli, we love you loads and are so proud of you. Happy birthday baby girl!

(oh and despite what it looks like in the photos, we DID get out of our pyjamas today!!LOL)


jacqui jones said...

hard to believe this is 6 years ago

kirstypiper said...

I know! It has flown by!