Thursday, May 22, 2008

Five Fabulous Favourites for Friday!

Oooooooh its Friday again! soon will be, and then all I have to do is survive work....

This week, some that things that make me smile....

My white board in the kitchen. Yes its ugly, but by golly it helps me remember when and where everyone needs to be! Not one forgotten library book or guide outing since it arrived! (I also love the red wall that it is on...took Mick ages to paint and he hated the color, but he did it for me...its my LURVE wall LOL)

Okay, bad idea to take a pic of the floors at the end of a day...but I love my floor boards. They were clean this morning!

Mmmmm cuppas at night after the kids are in bed. I look forward to this ALL DAY LONG!
I am also a fan of the cups that my sis Amy got me for my birthday!

Chocolate freddo frogs...need I say more???

My arch... I love it...its why I wanted to buy this house LOL (I also love that every room has a set of french doors, but I don't love the actual doors themselves yet, as they are still waiting to be painted *heh*)

So that's them for this week. I'd love to hear some of yours! (its okay mumsy, yours should be easy! You have 5 kids and need to think of 5 things..I personally don't mind being on your list every week!!!! *heh*)

Think of us on Saturday as the Princess party finally happens. I am so disorganised. No food plans, no games done. I suck, truly.

Love you all, have a great weekend!


foxylady said...

OK I enjoy a challenge. 5 Friday Faves. Gosh I just struggled through last week and I didn't realise it was every week!!!!!
1....My redliner chair after a day at work. I love to kick back and relax!!!
2...My slippers (in winter) s soft and warm. They are so comfy. Love popping them on.
3...Fresh flowers..the smell and the freshness. AJ got some for her birthday and they are filling the house with a beautiful scent.
4...My house..I love our duplex. I have never loved any of our houses before but I do love Carroll Ave
5..O MY GOSH..This should have been number 1..MY HAIR STRAIGHTNER..nothing beats that..I mean that is anything not alive..
Yes I have done it..2 weeks in a row.
WOW I feel the pressure mounting already for next week

jacqui jones said...

ok 5 things
1 my new flat panel heater
2 my electric blanket
3 my slippers (can u see a theme here)
4 my new flannette pjs from susan
5 my paid for plane trip home next month to a place where its warm!

its so cold here today

foxylady said...

These are AJ's 5 favourite favs
1..her new undercover wear pyjamas
2..her laptop
3..her straightner
4..her loreal hair coditioner
5..real eat out coffee